Светильник Emma ш180 /Лампа TC-TEL 42W Gx24 q-4

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Ares Emma ш180

Electronic ballast            

Outdoor luminaire for installation on wall. Configuration: die-cast aluminium structure, silicone gaskets and tempered transparent glass . All aluminium elements are coated with polyester powder after chromium-phosphate treatment. Electrical components are housed into the base (wiring unit).

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Лампа TC-TEL 42W Gx24 q-4 для светильника Ares Emma ш180 1192121
TC-TEL 42W Gx24 q-4

Габариты светильника Ares Emma ш180 1192121

Доступные цвета:

.1 white
.2 aluminium
.3 anthracite
.4 black
.9 rust
Ares Emma ш180 1192121


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