Светильник Ninetta /Лампа QR CBC 51 35W/12V GU5,3

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Ares Ninetta

Toroidal transformer 60VA 230V/12V 50-60Hz included            

Outdoor projector for installation on wall, soil or pavement. Configuration: phospho-chromatised and polyester powder coated die-cast aluminium structure (four colours available) composed of a base fixed and connected to a light-emission unit equipped with tempered sandblasted or transparent glass diffuser and silicone gasket. The light emission unit can be adjusted along the horizontal axis and is connected to the wiring unit by a metal sheathed cable and two metal cable glands. Stainless steel screws allow to fix the light emission unit at the desired position.

Источник света:
Лампа QR CBC 51 35W/12V GU5,3 для светильника Ares Ninetta 643316
QR CBC 51 35W/12V GU5,3

Габариты светильника Ares Ninetta 643316

Доступные цвета:

.1 white
.2 aluminium
.3 anthracite
.4 black
Ares Ninetta 643316


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