Светильник Andrea /Лампа HIE 100W E27

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Ares Andrea


Pole top luminarie for installation on pole or wall (by a wall mounting bracket). Configuration: Die-cast aluminium structure. Lamp housing in clear or opal acrylic 3mm thick. The top cover in aluminium is secured to the housing by four arms in extrusion of aluminium. The fixture is phospo-chromatised and polyester powder coated. The internal part of the top cover is painted in white. Re-lamping is through the removal of a disc fitted on the top cover. The disc is secured to the top cover by screws and silicone gasket.

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Лампа HIE 100W E27 для светильника Ares Andrea 121154112
HIE 100W E27

Габариты светильника Ares Andrea 121154112

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.2 aluminium
.3 anthracite
Ares Andrea 121154112


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