Светильник Numero Dieci /Лампа T5 FC 40W 2GX13

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Ares Numero Dieci

Electronic ballastPhotometry with pole h 1500 mm            

Full cut-off (no light pollution) outdoor luminaire for installation on ground. Configuration: phospho-chromatised and polyester powder coated die-cast aluminium structure composed of a Ш 70mm pole (to be ordered separately) and a round big-sized cap at the top. The lower part of the cap, containing the light source, is closed by a polycarbonate disc fixed by a silicone gasket and stainless steel screws.

Источник света:
Лампа T5 FC 40W 2GX13 для светильника Ares Numero Dieci 953200
T5 FC 40W 2GX13

Габариты светильника Ares Numero Dieci 953200

Доступные цвета:

.1 white
.2 aluminium
.3 anthracite
.4 black
.9 rust
Ares Numero Dieci 953200


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