Светильник Cielo Led /Лампа 12 BLUE LED 12x1W/110-240V

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Ares Cielo Led

Electronic power supply included T 45°            

Recessed linear luminaire for outdoor/indoor installation on ground or wall. Configuration: phospho-chromatised and polyester powder coated extruded aluminium structure with double closing head on each side allowing an easy and safe maintenance, 8mm thick tempered transparent glass with silkscreen border mechanically fixed to the body by a silicone adhesive. Stainless steel screws and moulded silicone gasket. Electrical components are installed on a removable frame.

Источник света:
Лампа 12 BLUE LED 12x1W/110-240V для светильника Ares Cielo Led 948413
12 BLUE LED 12x1W/110-240V

Габариты светильника Ares Cielo Led 948413

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.2 aluminium
Ares Cielo Led 948413


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